Xenon is a member of Squad Noble.


Xenon is a medium height young man with black spiked hair and sharp teeth. His eyes are purple with black irises, and he has a scar over the left side of his face. He also has a chunk missing from his left ear.

Xenon wears a black sleeves cloak with no shirt underneath, showing his other scars. His arms are wrapped in bandages. He wears a purple belt with black pants torn at the knees, and his boots are black with purple accents.

Powers and Abilities

Like all Periodica, Xenon can heal most injuries so long as he starts soon enough, otherwise the injuries will leave scars or be fatal. He can regenerate entire limbs due to being a gas if he tries as soon as possible.

Xenon has all the powers of a standard Xenon, including:

  • X-Ray Vision: Xenon can see through solid objects clearly up to 30 feet away. Anything passed that becomes blurry.
  • Pass-through: Xenon can move through solid objects, despite not being a Radioactive.
  • Flight: Xenon can fly. His altitude is the lowest on average for Noble Gases due to his element.
  • Gaseous: Xenon can turn his body into gas, which looks like smoke.


  • Xenon hates being referred to as "dense" because it's a common insult among Noble Gases.
  • Xenon has a collection of teeth, he only recently got his first human teeth however
  • Like the other members of Squad Noble, Xenon is popular enough to go by his element, rather than a nickname or ID number.


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