Volume Buffers are short videos before and after each Volume.


Loading Volume 01

Loading Volume 01 - VINDICARIS

Loading Volume 01 - VINDICARIS

An unknown person plugs a flash drive into a computer, and begins downloading information about Periodica. The download gets disrupted, so they cancel it. It then says Vindicaris Volume 01 has finished loading.

End of Volume 01

End of Volume 01 - VINDICARIS

End of Volume 01 - VINDICARIS

The unknown person is sitting in a room while it rains outside. They're using a tablet with their flash drive plugged into it. Another person speaking with beige text asks them how the download is going, and the person -speaking in red text- says it got disrupted. They can't try again right now because it's too risky, and the beige-speaking person reminds them that they both need the data.

Loading Volume 02

Loading Volume 02 - VINDICARIS

Loading Volume 02 - VINDICARIS

The unknown person begins downloading files again.Their download gets interrupted by the Systema Periodica logo, and a screen that reads "Welcome to Systema Periodica Laboratories" that won't close out. Then the screen fades to black.


  • The unknown person's text color is the same color as Periodica blood.
  • The beige-speaking person's text color is the same as the Inhibitors'.
Volume 01
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Volume Buffers

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