This is the Manual of Style for the Vindicaris Wiki. This page is still under construction, but please follow these guidelines as much as possible when editing the wiki.

Article Titles

Only make individual articles for:

  • Characters who have a clickable/pop-up profile on the official Cast Page. This excludes canon fan characters, who are to be added to the Other Characters page.
  • Events and Groups that are named in-comic and significant to the world.
  • Entire Albums/EPs, unless the song is part of an animation. Animation music gets its own article.
  • All other types of subjects that aren’t mentioned in the next statements.

Any notable items are to be added to the Objects page. Any minor characters go on the Other Characters page.

Article titles must be the subject's official, most commonly used name. For human main characters, use their full name. Avoid using words like “The” and “A/An” in the beginning of titles. Examples:

Article Sections


Introductions must always have the title term bolded. It contains only the most important information about the article, such as who, what, where, when, or how information.


Do not include every panel a character appears on. Only those with major significance such as their debut or new appearances. Include all official artwork and sketches. Photos in galleries should be organized like so:

  • Reference material - Character profiles, full body pictures, etc
  • Official Artwork
  • Panels


  • Introduction
  • Periodica Infobox
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Story
  • Powers and Abilities
  • Relationships - With relevant characters
  • Quotes
  • Trivia
  • Gallery
  • Character Navbox
  • References
  • Categories


  • Introduction
  • Human Infobox
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Story
  • Skills and Abilities
  • Relationships
  • Quotes
  • Trivia
  • Gallery
  • Character Navbox
  • References
  • Categories


  • Introduction
  • Location Infobox
  • Appearance - Include any relevant geography and sub-locations.
  • Story
  • Quotes - About the location
  • Trivia
  • Gallery
  • World Navbox
  • References
  • Categories



  • Introduction
  • Group Infobox
  • Appearance - Ex: Uniforms
  • Story
  • Quotes - About or by the Group
  • Trivia
  • Gallery
  • Character Navbox
  • References
  • Categories



  • Introduction
  • Music Infobox
  • Trivia
  • Gallery
  • References
  • Categories






Since the comic uses US English spelling and grammar, this wiki does too.

Only use neutral point of view when writing. Do not include any bias or opinions in the articles.

Use present tense when describing events that occur in the comic. Use past tense when describing events that happened prior to the start of the comic.

Lines should be single spaced, and text should start directly underneath a header, where relevant.


All external links should be cited as references. Citations automatically become superscript. Example.[1]

  1. Example Citation -


Filename capitalization is important. Panels are only referred to by their number.

  • [Nickname] Profile - Profile from the Cast Page
  • [Nickname] Profile Pic - Full picture from the profile
  • 000 - Panels
  • 000 still - Still versions of gif panels
  • Chapter ## Cover - Covers from the Archive Page
  • Chapter ## Cover hidden
  • [Name] Artwork
  • Character Name - For characters who don’t have formal profiles, such as minor characters.

Images are to be categorized properly. Categories are usually named similarly to the filename. Example:


Only the first reference to another article should be linked. There shouldn't exist multiple links to the same page in a single article. Exceptions are:

  • when two or more links are linking to different sections of the same page
  • when one of the links is in the infobox/navbox and the other in the actual content

Category Order

The order in which page categories are listed isn't strictly enforced. It's still recommended to follow. Only use categories that are applicable to the page.


  • Main Characters (if applicable)
  • Characters
  • Affiliation: Systema, Systema Killers, Inhibitors
  • Sub-Affiliation: Squad Noble, Squad Ballistic
  • Species: Periodica, Human
  • Gender: Male, Female, Nonbinary
  • LGBT Details: Trans, Asexual, etc
  • LGBT+ (if applicable)
  • Should be last: Deceased (if applicable)

Squads and Organizations

  • General: Squads, Organizations
  • Affiliation: Systema, Inhibitors
  • Sub-Affiliation: Squad Noble, Squad Ballistic
  • Should be last: Disbanded

Books, Chapters, and Animations

  • Volumes
  • Volume Number (for Chapters and Animations): Volume 01, Volume 02, etc
  • Chapters
  • Chapter Number (for Animations): Chapter 00, Chapter 01, etc
  • Animations

Images, GIFs, and Videos

Each of these should be categorized based on the content within them. Examples:

Specific Guidelines

  • Ces, Neon, and Andi use they/them pronouns.
  • “Squad” is always capitalized.
  • Elements are always capitalized.
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