Sulfur 016-206, aka Sully, is a Sulfur Periodica, and a member of Squad Ballistic.


Sully is a very tall woman, with large circular eyes. Her yellow hair is tied back in a ponytail, and she has a swoop of hair in the front. She wears an earpiece and mic in her left ear.

Sully wears a black and yellow skintight suit with black sleeves and yellow bracelets. She has a white ammo belt and black skintight pants. Her knee-high boots are white with yellow accents.

She's typically seen with her sniper rifle strapped to her back or in hand.



Bis is Sully's girlfriend.


Nic is Sully's friend and Squad Leader.


Andi is Sully's friend and squad mate.


  • Sully's profile picture features an older concept outfit for her.
  • A very small Bis and Sully can be seen walking to a store in panels 518 and 525.


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