Nic is an Arsenic Periodica , and the leader of Squad Ballistic.


Nic is a muscular man with a green Mohawk and goatee. His sideburns are shaved at a sharp angle.

Nic wears dark sunglasses, with an earpiece and mic in his right ear. He has a black sleeveless top and green camouflage-patterned bandanna. His cargo pants are also camouflage-patterned, and are tucked into his combat boots. Nic wraps his hands and wrists in bandages.

Powers and Abilities

Like all Periodica, Nic can regenerate damaged body parts so long as he starts soon enough, otherwise the injuries will leave scars. He can't regenerate entire limbs due to being a nonmetal.

Nic has all the powers of a standard Arsenic, including:

  • Toxic [As]: Can create a toxic smog that causes intense nausea and muscle cramps.



Andi is Nic's good friend and squad mate.


Bis is Nic's friend and squad mate.


Sully is Nic's friend and squad mate.


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