Neon is a member of Squad Noble.

Powers and Abilities

Like all Periodica, Neon can heal most injuries so long as they start soon enough, otherwise the injuries will leave scars or be fatal. They can regenerate entire limbs due to being a gas if they try as soon as possible.

Neon has all the powers of a standard Neon, including:

  • Light Ribbons: Neon can create flexible ribbons of hard light by storing sunlight in their body.
  • Flash Bang: Neon can create flashes of light.
  • Flight: Neon can fly. Their altitude is the 2nd highest on average for Noble Gases due to their element.
  • Gaseous: Neon can turn their body into gas, which is almost completely invisible.

Neon's orange color can also glow, despite not being a Radioactive.


  • Neon is blind, but can see with the help of their visor.
  • Like the other members of Squad Noble, Neon is popular enough to go by their element, rather than a nickname or ID number.


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