Fluorine 009-126, aka Fluor, is one of the main characters of Vindicaris.


Fluor is a medium height Periodica with lime green hair and eyes. She has nine small dashes under her right eye, and two large ones under her left. She also has sharp teeth, and the left side of her head and neck appears to be scarred.

Fluor wears a large white jacket with green accents, and an "F9" patch on the left shoulder. Underneath she has a black t-shirt with green sleeves and three green "V"s on the chest. She wears black pants and black knee-high boots, both with green accents as well.


On September 5th 2077, Fluor sends a Hydrone to observe Arbo while he escorts a scientist home from work. She watches him fight Ces and Sel and - assuming he dies in the battle - vows revenge against his killers.

Later that month, Fluor gets into a fight with a Gallium after he makes a joke about Arbo's assumed death.



Fluor and Arbo have a sibling-like relationship, as Fluor refers to him as her brother.


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