Cesium 055-037, aka Ces, is one of the main characters of Vindicaris. Their goal is to dismantle Systema Periodica Laboratories due to its unfair treatment of Periodica.


Ces is a tall, androgynous Periodica with pink hair and eyes. They always cover their right eye with their hair, and wear a mask over the lower half of their face.

Ces typically wears a black poncho-like garment that hides a scar on their right upper arm. They also wear a tank top, jeans, and fingerless gloves.


Ces was the first stable Cesium created in 15 years. They were last located working for Barron Wellington, prior to his mansion's destruction. It is unknown why Ces was there, or how the mansion was destroyed.

During the Late April Attack, Ces finds and rescues Sel, and takes her to their hideout in The Tower's storage attic. Ces gains Sel's support in their effort to take down Systema

Powers and Abilities

Like all Periodica, Ces can heal most injuries so long as they start soon enough, otherwise the injuries will leave scars or be fatal. They can't regenerate entire limbs due to being a metal.

Ces has all the powers of a standard Cesium, including:

  • Fire Veins: Ces can create veins of flammable material that explode can adhere to walls and ceilings. Ignites or detonates through snapping their fingers, or external factors.
  • Vein Shards: The material can be shot out like bullets and ignited remotely by snapping.
  • Fire Breathing: Ces can breathe fire, but only for short periods of time due to the smoke being suffocating.



After rescuing her during the Late April Attack, Sel became Ces's friend and partner in crime. They care deeply about each other, but Ces has little patience for her quirkiness sometimes. Ces finds Sel's constant second guessing to be a pain to deal with.


It is implied that Ces dislikes Platinum by association.

The Inhibitors

It is implied that Ces dislikes The Inhibitors due to them trying to kill Ces and Sel.


  • Ces's design was inspired by Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul.


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