Bis is a Bismuth Periodica, and a member of Squad Ballistic.


Bis is a short, dark-skinned woman with a Frohawk and braids. Her eyes are gray with three vertical white lines in the irises. She has a black bar on each cheek. She ears an earpiece and mic in her left ear.

Bis wears a black t-shirt with a white coded "B" on the front, and black fingerless gloves. She also wears a gray fanny pack around her waist, and white shorts with black stripes on the side. She has a brace on her left knee, and big black shoes.



Sully is Bis's girlfriend.


Nic is Bis's friend and Squad Leader.


Andi is Bis's friend and squad mate.


  • Bis's profile picture features an older concept outfit for her.
  • A very small Bis and Sully can be seen walking to a store in panels 518 and 525.


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