Andi is a Scandium Periodica, and a member of Squad Ballistic.


Andi is an androgynous, medium-height Periodica. Their hair is white with dark reddish-orange streaks, and is shaved on the right side of their head. They wear orange goggles over their pure-white eyes.

Andi wears a black and orange binder. Their black track pants have white stripes on the sides, and are tucked into knee-high boots. Their black boots have tall white and orange heels.

Briefly after their debut, Andi wears a Hydrone earpiece and mic in their right ear. It reforms to have a long blade coming from the "eye" of the drone.



Nic is Andi's good friend and Squad Leader.


Bis is Andi's friend and squad mate.


Sully is Andi's friend and squad mate.


  • Andi is the first Periodica to be shown forming a compound with a Hydrone.


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